Re: [Code]Werewolf Race

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 09/03/97

The answer is in the question.  From what you have there, your adding to
your pc's stats at every hour between a certain time slot.  Instead, you
should check for a particular time(9pm?) and add the values, then at
another time(6am?) take them away...

Course, the problem with this is if the werewolf logs in after 9pm, they
don't get the bonus ever though it's night.  So a flag could work so
that if it's night, add the modifiers and set a flag, then in the morn,
remove mods and flag.  Could just have a Do not use aff flag...

Anyhoo, nothing perfect, but a suggestion, or two...

>I have been working on a werewolf race that gains bonuses to their
>attributes at night. I have the part about giving the bonuses working,
>but it seems like it just keeps giving them bonuses every hour at night,
>and not taking them away during the day.
>Here's what I did, hopefully someone can help.
>In limits.c above void point_update(void)
>void werewolf_update(void)
>  struct char_data *i, *next_char;
>  extern struct time_info_data time_info;
>  for (i = character_list; i; i = next_char) {
>    next_char = i->next;
>if ((IS_WEREWOLF(i)) && ((time_info.hours < 6) || (time_info.hours >
>GET_STR(i) +=4;
>GET_CON(i) +=2;
>GET_DEX(i) +=2;
>GET_INT(i) -=2;
>  }
> }

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