[newbie, still] parse and operands

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 09/03/97

Hello again.

I've two errors that are confusing the heck out of me, and yes one of them
is a parse error.

Okay, first is "parse error before ".""
The next is "invalid operands with binary &".
Here is the offending line; it's from fight.c, void damage....

if ((DAM_TYPE(SINFO.dam_type, DAM_ENERGY) &&

DAM_TYPE is defined in utils.h as:  DAM_TYPE(flag, bit)
        IS_SET((flag), (bit)))
This is code to store types of damage (heat, cold, electricity, etc..) and
I have the bitvector for this stored in my spell_info struct under
dam_type.  I do have SINFO defined at the top of void damage,
"#define SINFO          struct spell_info[spellnum]"
DAM_ENERGY is defined as (1 << 1) in structs.h.

I think my problem here is I don't understand the (flag) part of IS_SET.
Someone got any kindly advise for me?


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