Re: [newbie, still] parse and operands

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 09/12/97

> -+    IS_SET(victim, CONST_EREFLECT))
> This is incorrect here.  victim is not a bitvector.  It should be
> IS_SET(victim->bitvector, CONST_EREFLECT), otherwise you're doing

Thank you for pointing that out.  Since I'm still learning C, I was
getting frustrated tyring to make it all perfect as I was typing it, so I
just started writing things down as long as I understood what I meant to
do, go back and figure out the correct syntax when I compiled.  I had
forgotten about that one.

> What's the DAM_TYPE() macro?

#define DAM_TYPE(flag, bit)     (IS_SET((flag), (bit))
Is that right?  I don't have a specific flag to check because I couldn't
figure out a way to check both dam_types of spells and weapons so I did it
like that so I just had to specify either the location of damage type of a
spell or of a weapon.

>       And, as George said, it is definetly not
> supposed to have "struct" prepended there. :)

That was part of it.  But the problem--it turned out--that was really
keeping me from going anywhere was that I hadn't declared power_info as an
external struct at the very top.  NEWBIES, BEWARE OF THAT MISTAKE!!!
Thanks for your help on that problem, Daniel and George.


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