Re: Finding where mobs

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 09/06/97

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Crimson Wizard wrote:

-+> of my fellow admins (a paranoid kinda guy) wants to know where
-+> and when absolutely everything comes into the game and i logged
-+> the load command for him...and now i'm trying to figure out a way to show
-+> the room that a mob loads in...right now, i'm thinking that i will just
-+> open up the zone files and loop through for the particular mob...but it
-+> seems to me that this would be pretty slow, and a lot of work for a very
-+> little'm asking if anyone has done this or something
-+> similar, or if anyone has an idea or two that they'd like to share..
-+in do_load in act.wizard.c, right after act("You create.....) in both mob
-+and obj sections add:
-+ [snip]

Judging from his request, I don't think he wanted to know where the
mobile was loaded, but where it is supposed to be loaded on zone
reset...Which is a bit more tricky to say the least.  If he wants to
know where the mobile is supposed to be loaded (eg., zone file
stuff), I can think of two ways to do it, but I won't post either
(at least, now) because I see a big flaw: differentiating between
InstanceA and InstanceB of a mobile is impossible.  E.g., many mobiles
are loaded several times in different rooms.  It is impossible to tell
where one instance of the mobile should be loaded when a hundred
instances of the mobile are loaded in 80 different rooms.

Actually, I see another problem: it's really pointless information.
I don't see why you would need to know where a mobile is supposed to
be auto-loaded, because in my mind, an immortal force loading a
mobile that he does not immediately destroy or use for a quest (that
has been authorized) is doing something that shouldn't be done.  In
other words, if InstanceA of Mobile is supposed to load in room 3024,
and someone kills that instance of the mobile, an immortal should not
come along and force load the mobile in room 3024.  People should
have to wait until the zone is reset.  So, in this manner, what rooms
the mobiles *should* be loading in is of no consequence, because,
barring any bugs, the mobiles will eventually load in that room; and
immortals should not be force loading mobiles without a reason [that
does not contradict the rules of immortality].

Really, at one point, I thought it prudent to remove the ability of
immortals to load mobiles because I saw no real reason for them to
be able to do it, outside of their building zones.  But, then I
remembered when I used to play muds (religiously) as an immortal,
I got very bored and on occassion, I would load mobiles just to
slaughter them.  Or load a lot of instances of a single mobile in a
room and start a fight between them, causing a lot of lag and thousands
of lines of combat messages (heh).

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