[MOBPROGS] Regarding mpset

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 09/07/97


        A few weeks ago someone said that they had the code for an mpset
command and said if anyone was interested in it, to let them know. Whoever
that was can you please mail me? I am interested in it.

        On a different note, I am going to add a spell called Mirror Image
(was semi discussed a week ago here), Now, If you are mirrored (is that a
word?), and you attack a mob, the mob will have a 25% chance of hitting
you (you have 3 clones), if it hits a clone, that clone dissapears, and
next time it will have a 33% chance to hit you (2 clones left). Heres the
problem, If a mob gets 3 attacks, I want all of them to be trained on the
cloned image if thats what it hits, otherwise its first attack could hit a
clone, its second a clone, and its third a clone and the spell would be
over in the first round (to weak). I want the spell to last atleast last 3
rounds. How should I handle this?

                                        #include <Ryan.G>

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