Re: <code> Oasis crashin' from "Daniel Koepke" at Sep 6, 97 07:45:48 pm

From: Corey Crawford (choitsma@NETCOM.COM)
Date: 09/07/97

Lo :)

> I suppose I qualify as an 'anything' (glad you didn't say, "Can anyone,"
> as that would've immediately disqualified me :).

        <grin> Sorry bout that, I hate it when I change words :P

> Okay, foolishness aside,
> it almost sounds like a pointer problem (very few people fully understand
> pointers).  Or, to state, it sounds like "oedit 6" with an immediate quit
> is pointing you towards some temporary memory that is allocated for the
> object.  But then you don't modify the object, and quit, hence it is not
> put into memory, and the pointer is never deinitialized, and next time
> around it causes a problem.

        Okay, I'll look into that, though that's weird 'cause it never
        did that before, and I've looked and looked for anything I've
        changed that could cause that. Weird. Anyways, I'll check
        that out, and maybe see what happens :) Thanks!

> While I appreciate the art work, and I'm sure others like it, too;
> and I certainly don't want to sound like a 'net Nazi, I think it is
> perhaps a bit lengthy.  Actually, I believe the .sig limit for the
> list is 5 lines, regardless of how cool you are. :)  Anyway, I have
> a preference for clean, classic, almost barren things.  Simplicity
> is the greatest acheivement of a genius.
        <grin> Sorry bout that, I didn't think of that when I wrote to
        the list, but I normally have a short one, I was using that
        one to grab ppls attention (to see that my name changed).
        I'll make sure to shorten it when I write to the list :)

> Also, why is your name Crawford now?  Hoitsma is actually kind of
> cool.  We people with hard-to-pronounce last names need to stick
> together. :) [does the 'ts' make a 'ss' sound?]

        <deep breath> my mom divorced my step-dad, who's last name
        is Hoitsma, but he didn't legally adopt me so I have to go
        back to my 'real' last name (Crawford) even though I've
        been using Hoitsma since I was 4 :P I think Hoitsma is cool
        too, unique names rock. It's pronouced just like it's spelled:
        hoit-ssss-ma :)

Corey Crawford      (Yes, it use to be Hoitsma)
- Myrddin       7000 -

PS - Thanks for the info, and is that (above) better? :)

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