Re: <code> Oasis crashin'

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 09/07/97

> > it almost sounds like a pointer problem (very few people fully understand
> > pointers).  Or, to state, it sounds like "oedit 6" with an immediate quit
> > is pointing you towards some temporary memory that is allocated for the
> > object.  But then you don't modify the object, and quit, hence it is not
> > put into memory, and the pointer is never deinitialized, and next time
> > around it causes a problem.
>         Okay, I'll look into that, though that's weird 'cause it never
>         did that before, and I've looked and looked for anything I've
>         changed that could cause that. Weird. Anyways, I'll check
>         that out, and maybe see what happens :) Thanks!
        Just curious, is this the most recent version of Oasis, or an
older one?  The older one did have this problem, had to do with some
descs and the like which were not set (ie, null), and oasis searching
through the mob index for its particular prototype  (upon the
next edit) encounters this null string and tries to compare it with
something -> makes mud go boom.  I'd just say look through medit_setup_new
and medit_setup_existing and then medit_save_internally (still don't
understand why a builder would clear the name of a mob, and save it...)
to set all applicable vars with something usable (0 or "Unfinished mob")
or what have you.


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