Hometown suggestions?

From: David Kasprzyk (djk@NB.NET)
Date: 09/07/97

I am looking for suggestions for hometowns. I curently have about 9
races and 12 starting rooms in my mud. Currently the only way to set a
players hometown is by using a 'set hometown' command, generic I know
but I just started on this project. What I would like to do is setup a
menu so that new players can choose their hometown but I want which menu
they see to be dependant upon their race.
if their race is human they would only see:

Hometowns available to you:
1 middgaard
2 new thalos
3 sundhaven
4 new sparta

if their race is elf they would only see:

Hometowns available to you
1 middgaard
2 sundhaven
3 the elven woods
4 greyhawk

You get the the idea.
  David J Kasprzyk

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