<code> Oasis crashin'

From: Corey Crawford (choitsma@NETCOM.COM)
Date: 09/06/97

Lo Folks :)

Maybe one (or more) of you could gimme some insight on this problem.
I've got Oasis OLC installed on a highly mod'ed circle 3.0 bpl 10.

Anyways, it works all dandy and fine untill you edit an 'uncreated'
thing - thing being room, obj, mob, shp

here's an example:

I edit obj 4 (which already exsists) and change it and quit out
and save it and oedit save 0 (zone 0).

Then I edit obj 5 (which doesn't exsist) and change the properties
for it and all that stuff, quit, save it, and oedit save 0.

Works dandy.. now if I had did 'oedit 5' then did Q(uit) without
changing a thing (won't ask you to say internally) it kicks you out
of OLC (stopped using OLC). BUT - Then you edit ANYTHING (ie: something
that exsists or not) it crashes after you enter the command.

Make sense?

letme see if I can make a quick 'visual' for yah:

oedit 5 (which exsists)
<change properties>
q (quit)
Save internally? Yes
oedit save 0

oedit 6 (doesn't exsist)
q (quit)

oedit 5 (which we edited before, so it exsists)

Now if I had <changed properties and saved internally> after I oedit'ed 6
it wouldn't have crashed after I did oedit 5.

Okay okay I'm rambling.. but I hope you see what I'm saying :P

Can anything think of anything that would cause this?
Is something not being 'free'ed'?

Thanks! :)

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