Re: mob loading stuff

From: Stephen Wolfe (st955q8m@DUNX1.OCS.DREXEL.EDU)
Date: 09/06/97

> -+in do_load in act.wizard.c, right after act("You create.....) in both mob
> -+and obj sections add:

yeah, dude..that was the easy part, and as i said..i already did

> InstanceA and InstanceB of a mobile is impossible.  E.g., many mobiles
> are loaded several times in different rooms.  It is impossible to tell
> where one instance of the mobile should be loaded when a hundred
> instances of the mobile are loaded in 80 different rooms.

yeah..i was thinking of a list, similar to rlist or just type
in the mob name, and it generates a list of rooms where the mob is
supposed to be loaded and maybe a percentage...this would be fairly
simple to do by just running through all of the zone files, find all M
commands, and if the mob number is equal to that of the target mob, then
use that room to throw some info at the char...

> Actually, I see another problem: it's really pointless information.
> I don't see why you would need to know where a mobile is supposed to
> be auto-loaded, because in my mind, an immortal force loading a
> mobile that he does not immediately destroy or use for a quest (that
> has been authorized) is doing something that shouldn't be done.  In

um..yeah, that's why my admin wants to know all of this make
sure the builders aren't doing anything improper...he wants the zone
loading info to make sure that the mob isn't loading anywhere that it
shouldn't the builder knows the load command is logged, so he
just zedits and area to load an exp mob for some mortal buddies, then
resets the zone...i agree that it is somewhat pointless info as far as
monitoring immortals, cause they can always just put it back to the way
it was, but it might also be useful for finding where you have to go to
fix zone, attempting to give mob non existant eq..

> Really, at one point, I thought it prudent to remove the ability of
> immortals to load mobiles because I saw no real reason for them to
> be able to do it, outside of their building zones.  But, then I

i mostly i have all loading, and giving of mobs and eq
logged..with a stern warning that builders shouldn't do all of those
improper things..but at the same time, a builder is able to just create
a new obj, and rather than load it and give it himself, just modify the
zone info to load the obj on the ground, and reset the zone..shrug...
none of this has happened, but my paranoid admin tends to think that
everyone will find a way to do something wrong...


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