[code fix] liblist

From: Cyber Reaper (cyber@OAK.ALPINE.NET)
Date: 09/07/97

hello all.... poped in loadlist and tested it out, great program
except if you try to do
Xlist 1 9999 [X being eather O, M or R]

BOOM, the mud crashes...
to many items I belive, but here is a little pit to handle that.. it
will take and make it so you cant list more then 300 items....

=-=-=-=-=-IN ACMD(liblist)=-=-=-=-=-=
find this:

 if (first >= last) {
    send_to_char("Second value must be greater than first.\n\r", ch);

and after that put this:

  if((first+300) <= last){
    send_to_char("May not exceed 300 items, try using a smaller end number!\n\r" ,ch);
=-=-=-=-=-END FIX=-=-=-=-

and then no more crashes..... easy enuff just figured perhaps we can keep some newbie from writing
the mud saying "MLIST crahses my mud... here is the GDB spam."

hehe, oh well..

peace all and latter.

(BACK and in charge!)

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