Re: Newbie questions.

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@NETREACH.NET)
Date: 09/09/97

>IF the handshake character is a '#' then it's simple enough to ignore
>it.  After all, the character shouldn't (isn't?) allowed in names, and
>if you have garbage characters at the beginning of the name, you can
>be pretty sure that it's unintentional or you just have a stupid
>person that doesn't know how to type. :)~
>-+-jac 'A listserv where you get answers, not flames?  Good Lord, what will
>-+      they think of next?'
>Hm, a spring that rebounds instead of staying squashed?  I'll make a
>fortune off of it. :)

        Well it's not a '#' char.  I would have seen that ;)

        It's an undisplayable character of some sort.  Only the inital attempt
at entering a name fails.  Fine from then on.  It was also present when I
installed that AnsiQuery patch from /contrib.  First attempt at a Y or N fails.

        My guess, is that it's sending out a linefeed without a carriage
return, to test the remote host for 7 or 8 bits.  Looked through the prefs
but didn't see anything.


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