Newbie questions.

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@NETREACH.NET)
Date: 09/08/97

        Hello there.

        First question I have, is what resources or options exist for the
conversion of stock diku tinyworld files to circle 3.0 format?  (Other than
splitting and converting it by hand of course)

        In particular, dying to install Copper ]['s forest.  Nothing I've
ever seen approaches it, in terms of depth, diversity and room for expansion.

        However, the idea of converting hundreds of rooms one at a time
with pico, isn't an entertaining though.  I'm sure someone has written an
awk or
sed appliction to do this.  (I myself whipped up a sed script to replace all
the QQ's with a zone number in the very few areas on the circle ftp site)


        Speaking of the areas on the circle site.  Does anyone have a version
of the shire for circle 3.0?  The version on the ftp is a, 'split format' file.
Neither format does circle swallow easily ;)  Trying to convert that Merc
shop file would remind me of tax time.  Why the circle ftp is full of non
circlemud areas, I haven't a clue.

        In any case, I was one of the first people with a OneRing when the
area opened on Caltech and it holds purely semental value for me. ;)


        Can anyone offer a quick solution to the bug in the stock circle code,
where the first entry of a name upon the client connecting, invariably fails?


        Just to let you all know, I've chosen circle mainly for it's
'stockness', and the promise of an update, 'comming soon'.

        I rather add the 5-6 features I want to clean code, than remove 99
features I don't want in jumbled, unfollowable code.  (Of course me having
played ages ago on Copper, Eltanin, Sojurn, Black Knight, etc, I have a soft
spot for close to stock diku's. ;)  )

        If someone could give me an update on the status of the next version
of Circle I'd appreciate it.  The, 'comming soon', was back in 1996 aparantly.

root@localhost <-I don't eat spam.

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