Re: [Code]Race Specific Spells

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 09/10/97

> My suggestion for a revamp of the system is simple:
>   * Make spells take longer to practice to their fullest extent.
        Definitely agree to this

>   * Give benefits as the spell becomes better practiced (eg., in
>     power).
        For offensive spells, sure.

>   * Because levels bring practice points this helps give a player
>     the sense of growing stronger as they gain more experience, but
>     it doesn't automagically make them better in an incomprehensible
>     and invisible (to the players) way.

>   * If a person is out of practice on a spell/skill (eg., hasn't used
>     it in a long time), make them get worse at this spell/skill.
        I agree with this for skills, but not spells. The problem here
IMO, is that everyone has a different idea of how magic works, how a magic
user casts spells, and what he needs to know. To me, A magic user, once
gaining the aneptness (jesus (parenthesis within parenthesis, No daniel, I
am not referring to you), is that a word?), err, lets try again, once
gaining the proficiency to cast a higher level spell (And obviously the
experience in using the the more complex verbal and symantic parts of the
incantation), would make it easier to use lower evel spells no matter how
long it has been since they last casted it.
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