Re: [BUG][FEATURE][Multiclassing]

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@NETREACH.NET)
Date: 09/10/97

>Second OBcircle: Multiclassing
>The way I've implemented it is to have an array of 15 ints in the
>playerfile (15 classes on my mud).
>Whenever a player earns enough exp to level, they gain a credit. They can
>save up these credits, and spend them on getting levels in other classes
>for varying costs. For example, an evil warrior wanting a good priest
>level would have to pay 5 credits for it, while a good warrior might need
>only 2 or 3.

        Well I've seen it done that way, and I guess it's close to the way
it works in AD&D.  Not how I want to implement it though.

        Basically, the way I want multiclassing to work, is similar to what
eventually became, 'remort classes'.

        When a char reaches level 30, they can hunt down a particluarnpc
and type, 'multi cleric'.  They'll then be a lvl 1 cleric (albiet with a
few hundred hp), and gain skills/spells in both classes as they progress.
However hp, mana, practices, etc, all increase at .3* the normal rate for
the new 2nd class.

-Jac 'Adding new classes still seems to me, an easy way to implement this'

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