Re: [BUG][FEATURE][Multiclassing]

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 09/10/97

> I've said it once, and I'll say it again. People who correct other
> peoples' corrections without checking the facts themselves only show
> themselves up as prats.

        Prat? umm ok.

> Comment 1: Just because something is spelt a certain way in D&D, EVEN
> AD&D 3rd ed, doesn't mean it's correct.

        Well since the whole damn mud source is BASED on AD&D MAYBE just
MAYBE that it was meant in the AD&D term? I dunno, I was just making a
point, relax.

> Comment 2: I prefer looking something up in the dictionary to looking it
> up in a fantasy role-playing game rule book to find out its correct
> spelling.

        Ok, and when it comes down to Role Paying games, and words
PRIMARILY used in Role playing Scenarios, I look it up in the Role Playing
Game Rule Book, Because that gives a more acurate description of what they
mean when its a different description then the dictionary.

> I dispute that the above feature is a bug. [Rationale behind opinion
> snipped]
        I was referring to the Desert Serpentine Staff. Yes, I agree with
you that no way should such things (staffs with group affects) be
eliminated from the code, it is the admins job to police those things. I
was just point out that the ALREADY existing Earthquake staff, that is in
Circle Stock code, would fall into the Very Unbalanced/Bug area.
        I *THINK* that the staff (serpentine one) was meant to be used
like a wand, except that it had no target, but since you have to have a
target with wands, whoever designed the zone made it a staff without
thinking about it, and therefore it does the multiple earthquakes per as
many pcs/mobs in the room. I think *THAT* is a bug.

                                                #include <Ryan.G>
* Sorry for any grammar mistakes, my L key is messed

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