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From: Rasmus Roenlev (raro94ab@STUDENT.ECON.CBS.DK)
Date: 09/10/97

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Cris Jacobin wrote:

>         Basically, the way I want multiclassing to work, is similar to what
> eventually became, 'remort classes'.
>         When a char reaches level 30, they can hunt down a particluarnpc
> and type, 'multi cleric'.  They'll then be a lvl 1 cleric (albiet with a
> few hundred hp), and gain skills/spells in both classes as they progress.
> However hp, mana, practices, etc, all increase at .3* the normal rate for
> the new 2nd class.

I just thought I'd throw in a comment here. A long time ago, I implemented
this 'remort' system my mud (I called it multiclassing, but it's the same
thing). I made it, so that when a character multiclassed (s)he would keep
all the hp/mana/move, pracs as well as spells/skills.
I wouldn't brag too much about the code, since it was one of the first
things I modifyed on the mud *cackle* So, it was very, uhm... ugly code :)

Anyway, this made for VERY powerfull characters. The mud allowed for any
character to 'multiclass' three times, and thus aquire the skills of four
classes and the hp/mana/move given by each of those. Considering the mud
also had 100 mortal levels, this made for some pretty wacko characters in

The problem presented itself by the fact, that these very 'highlevel'
chacacters were so much more powerfull than the rest of the normal single
class characters, that the mud was virtually impossible to balance. I
changed the hitpoint variable on the mobiles from sh_int to int... But
that didn't really solve anything. It generally just made it a pain (not
impossible, but very painfull and time consuming) to try and balance the

So, at some point in time, I simple made it so, that when a character
multiclassed (s)he was set to 'level 1 stats' like every other newbie
entering the game, only keeping the prac sessions and the skills aquired.
Furthermore I added a spec-proc to allow players to buy hp/mana/moves from
their practice sessions and some gold. I made it in a way, so that you
could buy a max of like 200hp/mana/move whatever was your prime of the
class compared to how many practice sessions you were supposed to be able
to collect. This would make something like a 20% increase in your prime
stat at the 'class' you decided to burn off the practice sessions to buy
up the stats.

It is my oppinion, that this proves to work a lot better, than the idea of
letting multiclassed characters keep their stats, and then allow them to
add even more on top of those. It does in the end mean, that your
characters have a LOT more hp/mana/move than anyone else and on top of
that a multitude of skills, that only a few others have.

There isn't any real point of this novell, except to let you have some
insight in my experiences with this sort of multiclass system, and how I
came arround to modifying it.

At the end, I think the multiclass system turned out fairly ok. There's
still a problem with characters selecting the warrior->thief->mage type
character, that gives a buckload of attacks on my mud. But that's a
completely different storry *grin*


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