From: Chris Proctor (cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU)
Date: 09/10/97

> > > Does anyone have level restrictions on OBJS .. implemented ?!
> > Yup.. I made it with an E thingie.. just like INT and so on for MOBS.
> > It wasn't that hard at all, I got quite surprised, since I set off
> > a lot of time for doing this, ended up by doing it in less than 1 hour.
> > *sigh* :)
> Thats probably a good way to do it, I did it by adding an extra field to
> the 2nd or 3rd line in the #'s (0 0 0 0 0) etc..... works nice.. we did
> min level and max level tho, so you don't have to worry about higher level
> players wearing eq that's made esp for newbies.

I implemented it a _slightly_ different way.
The format is somewhat similar to an extra desc, like so:
L <level>
instead of:
or whatever.

it looks like this in the code:
    case 'L':
      sscanf(line+1, " %d ", t);
      obj_proto[i].obj_flags.level = t[0];

that's in db.c, in the parse_object function.
I've done similar stuff for room level restrictions, works exactly the
same way.


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