From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 09/10/97

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Sammy wrote:

>I think I'll throw out my Webster's Dictionary and use the AD&D manuals to
>check my spelling then :P

"It's not just Webster, it's Merriam Webster."
        - Seem on a box holding the dictionaries.

>One of the problems with the details I'm having is that I figure I'll need
>a lot of those buffer structures.  Right now I've got a system similar to
>George's string buffer patch, where an output buffer struct is taken as
>needed from a pool of preallocated buffers.  Using malloc to create

Yup, except I allocate on demand now, although persistant ones are still

>individual buffers on the fly is probably going to eat up a bunch of cpu,
>so I'm trying to figure out a way to allocate blocks of them.  Actually,
>allocating many is easy, but free'ing them when usage goes down isn't as
>trivial because I don't keep them in order.

int life;

>Anyway, I've got the base setup working.  It just doesn't ever free the
>buffers so once I hit the 'worst case', I'm stuck with that many buffers.

Make a check_buffers() ccommand like my release_all_buffers();

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