From: Ron Hensley (ron@CROSS.DMV.COM)
Date: 09/08/97

Okay, is it a bug or a feature.
Staffs. As help shows on staffs in stock circlemud, they cast the spell
they contain on everyone in the room. Whereas Wands, to be aimed at once
person, self or another, and scrolls seem to be more generalized for any

Now, as staffs cast at not just one target, but everyone in the room....
Try adding any group spell to it, group heal comes to mind as its a stock
spell. Heal does 100 hits of healing.

If you group yourself with one person and cast 'group heal' you both are
healed 100 points as expected. However if you use a staff with 'group heal'
you will note you are healed twice, as is your partner.

Also if you and your follower are in the room with, say 2 mobs, you will
be healed 3 or 4 times, i forget which it is.

This is due to a group sepll being cast once, for each person/mob in the
room, yet each invocation doing a group spell which affects you.

Now its easy enough to say, so dont use group spells on staffs.. However
in real life, builders generally dont do what you ask, or Impls forget to
explain to them the consequences.

It seems that the mag_objectmagic function should check for this and
not cause this unepected side effect behavior.

Has anyone fixed this locally, and if so how.

Perhaps this should be patched in version 3, patch 12
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