Re: Yet more Newbie questions.

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 09/10/97

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Edward Glamkowski wrote:

-+        The problem is that it is not really just simple cut
-+and paste.  Having to add to the thac0 and saving throws
-+tables, the exp tables, etc. is a huge task.  The easy
-+way around this is to create functions that handle these
-+things (calc_thaco(), calc_save_para(), calc_save_rod(),
-+etc. etc. etc.) - not as efficient speed-wise, but useful
-+for exactly this type of situation.

Is speed *really* a concern in these areas?  If someone can show me
that having a function calculate things like this has some major
overhead (especially since the stuff is generallyso simple to
derive), then I can suggest a combination of tales and functions.
At start-up have the code call functions that auto-initialize tables
with calculated values.  This way you only have to bother maintaining
the function's accuracy/balance, and never concern yourself with the
tables verbosity--and it's efficient, since the calculations are
already made and future reference uses the tables. :)~

-+        Alternately, write your mud in C++ - then you could
-+just derive new classes from multiple base classes.
-+So a war/thief actually is just a new class of class class
-+derived from the warrior and thief class classes.  You still
-+have the thac0, exp, saving throw, etc. problem, but you can
-+make those functions virtual member functions of the base
-+class class and have the new class define them accordingly.
-+Still a bit of work, though.

That's actually not a bad approach.  Would each class'
class, have the spell/skill functions as members?  Though that
would be quite a pain in the ass for classes that share skills,
I suppose (there's a few ways I can think of getting around that,
though; one of which is, of course, to not have them in the
class' class at all).

-+Now that's classy =)

That's a bad pun. :)  Where are those Nazi flight attendants (can't
call 'em "stewardesses" anymore) when you need 'em?  I'll have 'em
bang that big cart into your knee while you're sleeping in an aisle
seat next time you fly just for that!  Muhahahah.  BTW, if any
youngsters are planning on "expirementing" with drugs (like you have
on a lab coat :), this is a *good* reason to reconsider that choice.

Daniel Koepke -:- -:-  [Shadowlord/Nether]

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