Yet more Newbie questions.

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@NETREACH.NET)
Date: 09/10/97

        First I'd like to thank everyone who helped with the Telnet problem.
Looks like time to go to a new client :)  Only feature I used NCSA telnet 2.7
for was it's ansi, anyhow.


        Can I get some feedback on how best to implement multiclass chars
with circle?

        Way I was thinking of doing it, is just creating a class for each of
the possible combinations (wa/th, wa/cl, wa/mu, etc etc) that posseses
abilities of both.

        Not only was this the most obvious way for me to do it, it seemingly
involves only cut, paste and edit, making the process rather quick.


        As an aside, while people are talking about mana, thought I'd mention

        On Copper, they tied the mana regeneration to the weather system.
So the entire room would share from the ammount of energy in the room.  It
actually made the change weather command usefull too ;)

        Of course, indoors things are different.  Each room inside still
had a pool of energy reported with the weather command but change weather
had no effect.

        This could make for very interesting things, such as an extreemly
evil room sucking mana each tick from all good players (except a paladin
class say).

        The more 'atmosphere' or weather activity the room has, the more
mana you would regen.  Obviously, people started searching out the max mana
For some reason, I found the tent at the bandit's camp in the Great Eastern
Desert to the the best, for some strange reason.  Would regen 100+ mana per
tick as I remember.

Jac 'Anyhow, it's something I plan on implementing...'

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