Mobs & Classes9

From: Søren P. Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 09/11/97

Hi there..

I've Imped Classes/races for mobs so that I later would be able to put
in skills and so on for those chars. But I seem to run against a wall
here (Or  maybe I'm just tired who knows.. :)

Situation goes like this : when a builder makes a mob with class Mage,
the mob should behave like a mage. Eg. Fire off some spells in fight,
but depending on what level the mob has it would fire off higher and
higher spells. But otherwise act totally normal. This of course could be
solved with some kind of spec_proc. But assigning spec_procs to all the
mobs would be overdoing it a bit. Also Ruining the idea of my mob_progs
a bit.

So I guess what I'm looking for some kind of idea of how to make is this

in fight.c (I take it I would place it there..) I check if it's an NPC,
then from some kind of range (Maybe just a random number) I would fire
off the procedure for that specific class. (I have approx 12 Classes for
mobs, but only 6 for chars) But then again, I would need to put in mana
for the poor mob, otherwise things would go totally strange .. :)

Any Ideas on how to make this?


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