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From: Ed Wrotniewski (edskee@HOME.COM)
Date: 09/11/97

At 10:48 PM 9/11/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi there..
>I've Imped Classes/races for mobs so that I later would be able to put
>in skills and so on for those chars. But I seem to run against a wall
>here (Or  maybe I'm just tired who knows.. :)
>Situation goes like this : when a builder makes a mob with class Mage,
>the mob should behave like a mage. Eg. Fire off some spells in fight,
>but depending on what level the mob has it would fire off higher and
>higher spells. But otherwise act totally normal. This of course could be
>solved with some kind of spec_proc. But assigning spec_procs to all the
>mobs would be overdoing it a bit. Also Ruining the idea of my mob_progs
>a bit.
>So I guess what I'm looking for some kind of idea of how to make is this

I added it in mobact.c... just do something like:

  switch(GET_CLASS(ch)) {
    case CLASS_CLERIC:
    etc etc etc

Then add the functions to check for mobs level and call the call_magic
functions and whatnot. As for mana, add a check in spell_parser where it
takes away the mana for the spell and if it's a mob, dont make it take away
mana. Why? Because if a mob can run out, players will abuse this fact, use
charmies or pets or lv 1 characters to make the mob waste it's mana, THEN
fight it.

The good part about putting the check in mobiule_activity in mobact.c is
that they can cast non-combat spells... healing, spells that create things
(I have a flame blade spell for druids... if a druid mob doesnt have a
weapon for a long enough period of time, he makes and wields one), etc...

All without spec_procs for individual mobs.

Hades of Ebon Mists
Which is down for recoding. :)

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