[code] gethostbyaddr() + ip_masq = problems :>

From: Peter Hartman (hartman@KUNTRYNET.COM)
Date: 09/11/97

-- Hello,
  I have been mulling this one over and wanted to throw it at you all to
see if ideas could be had.  My mud is running on a machine behind a
firewall.  The firewall machine is linux-2.0.30 running ipfwadm and
(redir redirects port 4000 from gateway -> internal_mud_machine).
the mud machine (which is masqueraded) thinks that every connection is
from gateway, rather than unique hosts.  How can I fix this?  Can you
point me in the right direction on what files to dig through to have the
mud detect the actual host.

Thanks a bundle,

visit mud.kuntrynet.com port 4000
linux : http://doorknob.kuntrynet.com/~linux
eudaemonia mud : http://mud.kuntrynet.com/~wart/mud
personal: http://ishmael.kuntrynet.com/~wart

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