SGI Indy Porting Problems

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 09/11/97

Hi all :-)

My ISP was recently bought out by a large ISP. This left me without a place
to put my mud server (they are moving all the servers out of state, and they
didn't want to take along my server, seeing as it didn't generate revenue
for them :-) )

So.. after finding a new site I'm having some difficulty porting a couple
specific functions.

1) The signal handling code is giving warnings. example error (all signal
    functions give this error)
 cfe: Warning 709: comm.c, line 1640: Incompatible pointer type assignment
 my_signal(17 , unrestrict_game);

 The error is fairly obvious.. the question is, why does this code hum
 along just fine on FreeBSD, Linux and win32, but give errors under IRIX?

2) My mob script code seems to be unable to function correctly. There isn't
anything really special here.. it's just a string parser.. and it is getting
triggered, just not going anywhere. A lack of a single step debugger has
made me resort to putting "I'm here" statements in the code.. hardly an
efficient way to debug :(

I'd post code.. but I'm not looking for a solution handed to me :-)

What I am seeking is for some advice on where to look for info on
the issues of porting from GNU C to the SGI Indy platform. I've
read all the relevant SGI FAQs that I can find.. and generally
snooped around the net until I ran out of ideas on what words
to give Alta Vista to seperate the chaff from the wheat :-)

Output of uname -a gives:

IRIX secure 5.3 11091812 IP22 mips

Anyone running circle on this (or a similar) platform?

Thanks in advance for any pointers you may be able to share.

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