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From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 09/12/97

On Friday, September 12, 1997 3:23 PM, Co-Sysop
> ObGameBalance:
> I recently added a few levels (now have 71 mortal 4 immortal) and of course
> the stock zones don't even come close to being tough enough for higher
> level players.  So obviously I have been rushing to add new areas (doubled
> building speed thanx to Shadowsoft CircleMUD World Editor [
> ]) but I am afraid that I might be totally
> throwing off the balance of the MUD.  Does anyone have any hints to help me
> keep my MUD balanced?  Like how much hp, hitroll, damroll, exp to give mobs
> and what stats are a good idea for equipment. I have looked through some of
> the stock worlds but I haven't really found a good way to determine what
> stats to give objs and mobs.  Any input (flames are not input) would be
> appreciated.

I would urge you to remove hitroll, damroll and weapon dice.
Then put in a system where each weapon does a damage type,
and base the damage off of the strength of the user.
Something like so:

A Broadsword does a cutting attack of: SWING+1

A Spear does an impaling attack of: THRUST+2

To get the value for THRUST and SWING see the following table:

(All die rolls are on a six sided die.)

5       1d-5    1d-5
6       1d-4    1d-4
7       1d-3    1d-3
8       1d-3    1d-2
9       1d-2    1d-1
10      1d-2    1d
11      1d-1    1d+1
12      1d-1    1d+2
14      1d      2d-1
15      1d      2d
16      1d+1    2d+1

After consulting the table and getting the amount
of damage based on strength, add the modifier the
weapon gives, then adjust the damage based on the
damage type.

If it's a cutting attack add 50%. If it's an impaling
attack add 100%.

So for our Broadsword used by a person with 14 Strength
it works out like so:


In this example we roll a 10 -1 = 9 + 1 = 10

Then we add 50% so we have 15 HP of damage.

For the spear with a person of 15 Strength it's like so:


In this example we roll a 3.. +5 = 8

Then we add 100% for an impaling attack giving 16 damage.

If you want to stick with the stock AC (I didn't) you
could scale the table to fit..

This system is a lot more realistic, and doesn't lend
itself to builders having an arms race where they have
to create a better weapon than the last guy. I would
recommend you create each weapon in the code and
let builders pick a weapon to base their weapon off of
and just let them use the WPN MOD to add or subtract
a bit of damage based on the weapon's relative effectiveness.

If you think the system is worthy of elaboration, let
me know and I'll post more on it. I wanted to keep
this post fairly short though, as not everyone wants
to put an entirely different combat system in their mud.


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