Re: BPL12 Suggestion with doors.

From: Ed Wrotniewski (edskee@HOME.COM)
Date: 09/13/97

At 08:33 PM 9/12/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I just converted the door data from the fake bitvectoring to the real
>thing so that I could add in several more flags on doors. It was a hassle
>to do it, but not all that hard or complex.
>So that future coders don't have to do it, could you perhaps convert the
>doors over to real bitvectoring?

Here's a suggestion, drop the dumb door array which:
A) Wastes shitloads of RAM
B) Is too restrictive.

Make it a linked list, and have dynamic exits. That's what I did.

Hades of Ebon Mists
Linked lists rock the world! :P

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