From: Leonardo Herrera L. (leherrer@ENTELCHILE.NET)
Date: 09/13/97

Co-Sysop wrote:
> At 07:45 AM 9/13/97 -0700, Daniel Koepke wrote:
> >On Sat, 13 Sep 1997, Yolan wrote:
> >-+Hi. Okay. This may be stupid but I was wondering does anyone here know
> >-+how to add recall? When I go onto other peoples muds I relly like them
> >-+if there is a recall command. Thanks
> you asked...
> >ACMD(do_recall)
> >{
> >}
> and received an answer.  Maybe my stock circle was different than everyone
> else's but I believe there is a silly cleric spell called....lemme think...
> "word of recall"...Not sure what that does..(I actually know exactly what it
> does)...  Couldn't you just slap that mf (iMportant inFormation...what did


> touch a keyboard (cutpasteemailtakesomeoneelsescodestufflikethat).  I
> already did that alot but now I know that i am doing the right thing :)
> So there are a few great places to find circle info, the code itself, the
> ftp site(s) and this mailing list.  check them in that order.

Only one word.


        We have a MUD. Is a Warcraft based mud. With Orcs and humans and things
like that. And we have two cities, Azeroth for the Alliance and
Kaz-Modam for the orcish hordes. And in each cities we have heavy-duty
cityguards aggresives to enemy races. And the recall room is not
peaceful anymore. And we HAVE the "recall" command. But is not a common
recall; if the character's level is under 15, bingo! Directly to recall
room, without restrictions. But if you are level 16+, the recalll have a
saving throw and if you fail, you go to the enemy city recall. With
this, the "scroll of recall" is a precious item. :)

Sorry for my english.

Leonardo Herrera L.

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