Re: RECALL (and cloning too)

From: doppsoft (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 09/13/97

While on the topic of recalling, I am wandering about a slightly new
system for it.  Currently, any time you want to recall (spell, command,
etc.) you copy and paste the same code.  What about just calling a simple
function?  A perform_recall(ch) function that just does the recall.  What
is the reason for this?  Multiple hometowns, clans, etc.  These things
can all move a recall point.  By making it one function, just called, you
cut down on code, and make it easier to add in new things to the recall
code.  For example, as soon as I get a site again, I am working on a
built in fun quest of capture the flag/paint ball.  When you hit the
person in the game, it recalls them back to their base where they are
'frozen' for a certain amount of time.  This new recall system will allow
easier updates for this.

Also, on Envy, and other MERC derivatives, there is a command that clones
an object (they have object re-stringing, so this is useful)  Anyone have
this code converted from Envy?  It also has recursive cloning for
containers.  In other words, it copies everything in a container.
Speaking of cloning, I personally think this should be put into the shop
code, so that you can have a 'box' of stuff for sale, and sell the entire
container.  Although to do this, you would have to take the value of all
objects in the container too.

Note to Jeremy: If I modify stock circle to include these two changes,
would ya put 'em in?  :)

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