Zedit problems

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 09/14/97

OK, I'm completely baffled. I posted about this a while ago and asked
anyone if they have run across it before. Didn't get any replies. I'm
running OasisOLC PRE10 that was the first thing I patched into the mud.
Everything went smoothly. Well the problem is that when a room is zedited
and a mob is set to load into the room, it will replace a load line
for another room in another zone. For example, A mob was loaded into
room 201. It then replaced "The Homba" in room 915 in Minos. The existing
mobs that were there became the new mob also. The load mob line changed
to load the mob that was in room 201 also. This mob still loads to room
201 also. The Homba's l- descr is *The homba flits about. The mob that
replaced it was Andrew. his l-descr had the astrisk in fron of it also
for the ones it replaced but not for 3 new loads that had taken place.
As I said, Im competely baffled and I can't really see anything that
would be causing this. I'd appreciate advice from someone.


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