Re: Spells and manacost

From: Ron Cole (rcole@EZY.NET)
Date: 09/15/97

> I recently added a few levels (now have 71 mortal 4 immortal) and of course
> the stock zones don't even come close to being tough enough for higher level

  Depends on why you added more levels, if you just wanted to make it
harder to get to the top, then adjust all your spells and skills that are
level dependent, so that the highest level still does the same thing. 
Likewise with anything awarded at level time, practices, stats, hps, etc. 
If your previous high level was 30, and spell x did levelD10 damage, make
it do levelD4 damage instead.  Award an average 6 mana per level to spell
casters instead of 14, etc... 

  If you wanted to expand the anount of power between the first level and
the last one, then you've already done that, most likely.  You just have
to do what you are doing, create stuff to challenge the high levels. 


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