Re: Interesting idea

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 09/15/97

>        Would it be possible, to create a series of .diff files which you
>can edit, for such mundane tasks as adding a new class, adding a spell,
>cmd, etc.
>        Quite simple it seems.  Process would be somewhat like this.
>        1/  Edit the supplied 'class.diff' file, changing the text within
>          according to it's comments.  (Spell, combat tables, etc etc).
>          Hell, you could even supply the help text for the class within
>          the diff file no?
>        2/ patch < monk.diff

        While this might work to put in the framework for a
new class, the stuff that makes classes interesting (new
skills, for example) requires a lot more work.

        And you really can't create a patch for skills.
(Spells maybe, although it would be quite tricky, since each
type of spell requires different parameters (mag_damage vs.
mag_summons or mag_creation, for example).  While I suppose
you could just create a different patch for each type of
spell, you still could never create a patch for mag_manual,
which is what many of the more interesting spells use =)
>        I can see something like this, making circle quite the hot item.
>-jac 'So, what am I missing?  It's too easy not to have been done allready'

        You're missing the fact that as imp, you should really
try to become very familiar with the code =)

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