From: Fabio de Oliveira Fagundes (fagundes@AQUARIUS.IME.EB.BR)
Date: 09/15/97

        Hi folks,
        My brother is helping me with the code and when he added a new spell, all the others got misordered.
        Now, when I try cast fireball I cast harm instead...

There are also other strange things happening when I type practice. He was trying to set relocate spell.

You have no practice sessions remaining.
You know of the following skills:
!UNUSED!              (superb)
!UNUSED!              (superb)
animate dead          (superb)
armor                 (superb)
backstab              (superb)
bash                  (superb)
bless                 (superb)
blindness             (superb)
burning hands         (superb)
call lightning        (superb)
charm person          (superb)
chill touch           (superb)
clone                 (superb)
color spray           (superb)
control weather       (superb)
create food           (superb)
create water          (superb)
cure blind            (superb)
cure critic           (superb)
cure light            (superb)
curse                 (superb)
detect alignment      (superb)
detect invisibility   (superb)
detect magic          (superb)
detect poison         (superb)
dispel evil           (superb)
dispel good           (superb)
earthquake            (superb)
enchant weapon        (superb)
energy drain          (superb)
fireball              (superb)
group armor           (superb)
group recall          (superb)
harm                  (superb)
heal                  (superb)
hide                  (superb)
invisibility          (superb)
kick                  (superb)
lightning bolt        (superb)
locate object         (superb)
magic missile         (superb)
pick lock             (superb)
poison                (superb)
protection from evil  (superb)
punch                 (superb)
relocate              (superb)
remove curse          (superb)
remove poison         (superb)
rescue                (superb)
sanctuary             (superb)
shocking grasp        (superb)
sleep                 (superb)
sneak                 (superb)
steal                 (superb)
strength              (superb)
ventriloquate         (superb)
word of recall        (superb)

                Thanks for your help,
                                Fabio Fagundes
TerrorMUD running at forte.ime.eb.br port 6666

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