Oasis #13

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 09/15/97

Fixes the 'const' in mobprog support. (I think I did that...) :)
Addes some debugging things to zedit.c to track down the funny overwriting
zedit command problem.

Change the #if 0 to #if 1 in zedit.c to enable the debugging things and
mail me a copy of the logs that exhibit the problem.  Please do not send me
logs where it worked fine. :)

I also added all the reports (about 8) that I have of assorted things on
Oasis to the list (which includes Sammy's typing away happily patch).

As usualy, it's a full diff against Oasis 1.3 or stock code.  (Incremental
upgrades will be available between stable versions or if someone else makes
them.)  Do a 'patch -R' on the old patch to remove it and then patch in the
new version.

Soon as all these little bugs are fixed, I'll release v1.5 for real and
then start adding new features for the next release. :)

George Greer  -  Me@Null.net   | Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity
http://www.van.ml.org/~greerga | is not thus handicapped. -- Elbert Hubbard

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