Re: New Admin in need of Help!

From: Indi (indii@BELLSOUTH.NET)
Date: 09/16/97

Gabe Lombard wrote:

>  Heh, ok to be exact a CircleMud SOURCE code that someone has
> configured
> with more levels, classes, etc. Seeyah later

Heh. Thats what I thought.  A few of these things can be found in
snippets at:

Keep in mind you will find snippets here not a modified copy of circle

If you are looking for a code base that already has a lot of this stuff
in it (ie do not want to invest the time in coding your own mud) then I
might suggest using SMAUG code. This is a merc derivative, not a circle

Personally I think it is more fun to customize circle code to fit the
vision a person has for their mud, but hey thats just me :)

Also, try to keep in mind that while snippets can be an invaluable tool
for developing your ideas (ie seeing how someone else has done
something), if you just throw in a ton of snippets you may end up with a
semi buggy mud without learning much about how to code for circle.  I
know when I first started I added a few too many snippets without really
knowing what I was doing and I payed for it later.

Anyhow, good luck! Also, as far as adding levels and classes.. read the
FAQ and look at the docs. Neither are too hard to do once you learn your
way around the code.


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