Re: command line and menus

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 09/16/97

Ya...George somewhat mentioned this.  I figured he meant to strip out
the menu interface.

In any case, having both options is a great idea, though even more
complex to get bug free.

G'luck to you both.

>> Why would you convert it to a command line interface.  I would say that
>> was one of the biggest determining factors between choosing Oasis and
>> Obuild.  People on my mud LOVE the menu's...
>As you said, it's the biggest determining factor.  Tho fewer people use
>obuild, the ones who do choose it for the command line interface.  Quite a
>few people LOVE a command line interface (me especially).
>What George and I are both doing is combining the two interfaces (as
>seperate projects) for the best of both worlds.  Newbie builders and those
>who don't want to learn the commands can use the menu interface, command-line
>junkies like myself can use the commands, and everyone else can mix the
>two to get a combination of simplicity and speed.
>If you don't want the extra power, you can always stick with an old copy
>of Oasis :)

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