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From: Stephen Wolfe (st955q8m@DUNX1.OCS.DREXEL.EDU)
Date: 09/17/97

> I am planning on adding remort to my MUD.  I think I have everything ok so
> far but I want to ask a few questions here about things I'm not sure how to do.

> First, I have to remove all of their equipment but its valuable equipment.
> I don't want it to be completely gone so when it is removed I want it to go

there are some pretty fundamental problems with what you're trying to do...

first..what's to stop the character from just removing all of his
equipment and giving it to a hold character until he remorts...even if
you have level restrictions that will make the character unable to use
the equipment for a while, it would save them millions of gold...and the
character won't have to lose possession of them..

second..doing all the remorts by hand is not only "sloppy" like you said,
its also rather silly...i mean..how are the implementors going to know
when a person is ready for remorting? is the player going to mudmail
imps, and set up a remort appointment? will you wait until they reach
immortality then ask them if they want to remort? now..i'm assuming that
you want everyone to remort, and aren't going to have immortals that are
raised by leveling (based on the stuff you said about taking their eq)..
so, you'd have to anticipate when the player is going to remort, or wait
for them to notify you (leaving them stagnant cause they can't level any

> Don't bother with replies like "read the code" because I have read it but
> without much knowledge of c (i am learning quite a bit from all of my

i hear ya, but still..it seems to me that you are trying to avoid doing
any coding (or anything beyond cut and paste)...all you need is one
function stuck in the advance_level function that would check level, and
if appropriate give the remort menus (or however you want to do it)..or
you could have it so that the character would stop gaining exp at a given
level, and they have to go to another guild and join it..getting set to
level one for that class...anyway..i guess my point is..unless you plan
to be on your mud 24/7, and only have a few users (so that you will know
all the details about them)..you're going to need to find a code solution...
and even then...you have to figure out what you want to do about
characters just giving their good eq to a hold character...


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