Re: Clans and their Purpose

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 09/18/97

Well my next project is going to be a clan system. When I looked at the
clan code on the ftp site I noticed the same thing that I think you did.
Other than belonging to a group and creating a pecking order, it really
doesn't do much. What I'm going to do is the following. Take any ideas you
want from it.

Clans (don't even know if I'm going to call them that yet) can be joined
after you reach a certian level. One major difference from other clan
code though, there will be no pecking order. No clan leaders...etc...
What the purpose of the clans will be is to better balance the players.
Each predefined clan will focus on a certian skillset. The clan will
give bonuses to stats that are needed for these skills but it will
also subtract stats from others. Once a member of a clan, you will
be able to practice and learn skills and/or spells that are associated
with that clan. It will be possible to resign from a clan but you will
suffer heavy penalties to your stats. This will discourage people from
jumping from one clan to antoher, trying to get certian skills for certian
tasks. I just thought that this would give the player a chance to better
blanace himself and/or pick an area to excel in. Example: A wizard picking
up more int and wiz and more spells... but he's loose str and con. Or
a warior could pick up cleric spells and loose str and dex. There will
be more to this but so far this is the groundwork that I'm going to
implement and make functional before adding in all the other goodies <g>.


On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Chris Dodd wrote:

> Good day, everyone.
> I was wondering what purposes clans served on all of your muds.  Do you give
> members some sort of tangible benefit, like a Clan mana pool(beats me, just
> something I tossed out as an example), or is it more abstract?
> What I mean is are you using clans for more name recognition and giving
> players a sense of belonging and perhaps purpose?
> Just looking for some input here, as I am working on a clan structure of
> sorts.
> Thanks,
>         Chris
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