Re: Moving zones

From: David Kasprzyk (djk@NB.NET)
Date: 09/18/97

Corey W. Nash wrote:

> I'm going to start toying around with making "movable zones."  Here's what
> I mean:  the zone itself would be static, retaining its structure, but its
> exit and entry points to and from the rest of the world would change over
> time.  My idea was to have a "floating island" of sorts that would move
> along the coast of a continent.
> Just interested in your ideas and comments.
> -- Caldric.

I seem to remember someone else trying to do the same thing to have a ship
traveling the oceans of their mud. I'm not sure how long ago it was, less than
a year I think. You might try checking the list archives. Does anyone else on
the list remeber this?
Good Luck.
  David J Kasprzyk

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