[Spell creation]

From: Crimson Towers (ctowers@RAGE.TELMARON.COM)
Date: 09/19/97

Hello all, we need some help with some spell creation, I know how to do
the basics but the walk thru lacks quite a bit, namely explanations on
how to set damage on an offensive spell, which things to change, etc etc.
If anyone has a "Good" walk thru or is interested in helping us out just
send some email.

I know I had some other questions but my mind is still in a haze (just got
up) and I can't remember them, if you have experience coding (atleast 6
months of mud code or equivelant) and you are looking for a mud to code
on <<Coder's are not req'd to be involved in politics>> then please give
me a holler.

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