Re: mob flags (was Recall/Clone)

From: Iain E. Davis (feaelin@SOCKETS.NET)
Date: 09/22/97

At 09:46 AM 9/22/97 -0400, you wrote:
>how about just adding classes and races to mobs and having mobact.c and
>act off of them as well?  I am definetly going to create the 4 basic
classes and
>have a function for each of them.  also, a suggestion for the next
version. in
>mobact.c:  have all of the if(MOB_FLAGGED(ch,MOB_BLAH)) call a function.  it
>really helps to clean up that code.

Hmm.  It hadn't occurred to me to assign them classes (or races).  I had
(hehe. I have lots of plans, little time/ambition. ;) to simply give them
and then add cod in mobact.c, fight.c so that they would attempt to make
use of
those skills (somewhat intelligently, I hope.).

I'm not sure a 'race' option would really be beneficial to mobiles, since it's
assumed that the mobiles come from a wide variety of lifeforms..(e.g. dragons,
werewolves, elves, amobea(sp?), various 'jellies' etc.)

On the topic of 'class' though, I thought it would be interesting for a mobile
(not necessarily all, just those that you would expect to be intelligent) to
'improve' either over time, or by surviving a fight with a player.  If some
of the
mobiles had a class, you'd be a step away from them 'earning' experience, and
their skills increasing accordingly.  :).  However, one would have to place
kind of limits on this sort of thing, or you could end up with a creature with
level 30 abilities in a newbie zone....humorous, but no fun for the
players. ;)

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