Re: [Code Request] Equipment occupying multiple spots (bitvector EQ)

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 09/22/97

>Has anyone here imp'd bitvector EQ / EQ that can occupy multiple spots?
>For example, a Two-Handed-Sword that occupies both HOLD and WIELD... or a
>Full suit of platemail?  Perhaps cursed (unremoveable) handcuffs that
>occupy HOLD, WIELD, and LIGHT?  :-)

Oooo!  Thanks for the idea!  This actually can be used for some other
thoughts as well.  Perhaps items that don't take up the slot, but are
still there (for example, underwear)

>If so, care to share code?  Or have tips/ideas to go about doing it (If I
>do it and I can I will share code, but my Circle is sooo far from stock,
>I dont know if it would be easily patchable).

Ok, here's my thought, a secondary bitvector in the items (obviously this
means a change in the .obj files) that decides what positions the eq
occupies.  Then, possibly, a number to designate the position that it
shows in the eq list.  With this, you may even want to add a few new
positions that are non-settable, like "covering entire body" or something
similar.  Then, when the player wears it, it checks to see if all
positions set are taken, then set the object as that position.  Then,
when checking for new items, instead of JUST checking to see if the slot
is open, check all positions, in case one of them has multiple positions.

On a related note, here is another thought for an addition, something I
have added to my MUD.  The idea is some objects cover other positions.
For example, if you are wearing full plate gauntlets, no one will know
what rings you are wearing.  However, if you are wearing fingerless
gloves, they will know.  In this case, another bitvector could be added
with eq positions, this time deciding what positions are covered.

Just a thought for others.  Thanks for this thought Chris....just wish I
could get a site to implement and test it myself.

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