Re: Liscensing and Copyrights

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 09/24/97

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Fili wrote:

> >  "mailer code" which means you can modify it as needed, without
> >  need of a license :-P
> Due to the fact that the list is a public transmittal medium, wouldnt just
> sending a message without a liscense attached at the top make it so the code
> could be modified without need of a liscense?

Actually it's the opposite.  Every mail sent to this list is copyrighted
by default, with the sender owning the copyright.  The fact that you made
your work public does not imply that it is public domain.  That's not to
say you would have much luck enforcing a copyright on anything sent to
this list.

> Also, if I wanted to get a copyright on say... certain modifications to
> circle that I made. Lets say for example that I made a piece of code which
> allows mobiles to become major AI factors. If all the code for this was in a
> seperate file, couldnt I regester the copyright for this file/section of code
> without violating the Circle/DikuMUD liscense or the copyright already placed
> on CircleMUD?

I don't have the law handy, but it explicitly states that to copyright a
work, that work must be completely original.  What that means is that you
can't copyright modificaitons to an existing circle file (like
act.wizard.c), but you can copyright a new file as long as you don't do
any cut-n-pasting from circle.


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