[Idea] Spellbooks

Date: 09/24/97

-I wanted to do a spell book, so that you hold it, and it adds a few new
-spells that you can cast.  Well, it sounded pretty simple...but I'm not
-sure were to even start!  I glanced around in the code for a while,
-couldn't find anything...

I've been thinking about something kinda like this. I want to make
the spells characters have more varied. I was thinging about having a
spellbook item that is holdable or whatever and have it store a list
of spells the character has found and scribed into it. Removing the
practice spells part and selling lower, less powerful spells in the
shop in town and loading scribable scrolls on different mobs.
Feedback on the idea is welcome. I think it would make for a good
spell system but I haven't gotten other peoples opinions on it yet.

* Pug ConDoin
* pug@monti.net
* Alternate Reality -still in testing

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