Re: problems with oedit (OASIS)

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 09/24/97

> Small bug of mine, look around line 109 of oedit.c for the problem.

Well I feel pretty stupid about that.I was pulling my hair out looking
through where it's coppied to *swap and then to the protptype.

> The a-desc code appears correct, since you don't have one, it is undefined.
> (But of course that could cause problems with staves/wands...does undefined
> show up when you use it?)

well sometimes *ZOT!* shows up there. I have absolutely no clue where
that comes form. I coudln't grep for it. sometimes it's Nothing amd
sometimes its undeifned. When you first create the object it's <not set>
and if you don't modify it, it changes to undefined the next time you
edit the obj.

> The action description is 'undefined' due to (broken) patches (not mine)
> that do not check for 'str && *str' before trying to do something with it.
> If that causes wands/staves/potions to show 'undefined' when used I'll fix
> that one.

Well one of my builders wrote me and told me that the L-Desc and wands
didn't work. I just tested her object and it worked. TO the caster it
sent "Nothing seems to happen butit did effect the players in the room.
I don't know if she actually was having a problem or not. She also
had a wand that cast heal set to a lvl 1 spell. I'm pretty sure I'm ok
now. Thanks for the help. I'll look a little harder next time <g>


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