Re: [Code] Spellbooks

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 09/24/97

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997, David Klasinc wrote:

> Why not make it container like object? And then you can put scrolls in,
> then if you do look in spellbook you see which spells you know and stuff,
> then upon casting a spell you just check if there is appropriate spell in
> the spellbook.

Ok... How's this sound?

Make it a container that will only hold scrolls, and casts the spells at
the level of the owner of the book. When you put a scroll in a spellbook,
the scroll is extracted, and the spell(s) that the scroll had are added
onto the spells that the book has.

Of course, you need to hold the spell_num somewhere so you would have a
max of four spells in the spell book (V0-V3). You could have a max of 8
spells on my MUD 'cause I expanded the Vx to V0 through V7 fora few objs
that needed more space, and in case I have some REALLY complex items
needed in the future.

Another way of doing it, is to keep the scroll in the spellbook, and when
the spellbook is used, fire off the first spell on the first scroll.


Keep the scroll in the spellbook, and allow something like:
use spellbook 'holy word' bob
If a scroll with Holy Word on it was in the spellbook, then the spell
would be case at poor old Bob. It could loop through the scrolls until it
has looked at all of them or until the spell was found.

Also, we have the scribe skill coded, and I supposed I could make it so
that you could scribe into the spellbook so long as you knew the right
arcane words, and had the right components, you could create a new
scroll, with a new spell, right into the spellbook.

And, finally... There's no taking scrolls out of the book once they are
in it.

Now that I've brainstormed on the idea a bit, I think I'll give it a shot
on coding that last idea. It'll take a while before I even start on it.
Reading through George's web site yesterday gave me tones of ideas and
things to do. Once I get it going, I'll post it. Don't expect a patch,
but some snippets of code will most likely be posted.

John Evans <>

May the source be with you.

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