Re: Liscensing and Copyrights

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 09/25/97

Hmm.. as per the module idea... think of one of Adobe's products. Photoshop :) This
program has hundreds of outside developers creating plug-ins (modules) for the program
and they sell them for big bucks. Now, as per my original post, I never had intention
to sell any part of the code that I create. I just wanted more protection in the event
of something like the scam postings (week or two ago) happens again.


David Kasprzyk wrote:

>     Well let's look at the big software companies. Let's say Adobe Systems Inc.
> produces a piece of software that runs in the Microsoft Windows 95 GUI software.
> The Adobe software will not run in the MS DOS 7.0 OS, it will only run in the
> Windows 95 GUI software that runs on the DOS 7.0 OS. Just like Circle MUD runs on
> an OS and the external functions that people write use the functions within Circle
> MUD. The Adobe software still uses the functions of a copyrighted MS Windows with
> the only requirement for Adobe being that they notify the buyer of their software
> that MS Windows is copyrighted and that the MS and Windows logos are registered.
>     Another example would be Avery Dennison Office Products (the label people)
> writing and selling macros for MS Word or Corel Word Perfect so that people could
> use new label products with software that went to market before the new labels.
> Again the only thing that Avery is required to do is give credit where credit is
> due.
>     On a more personal opinion note. Circle is suppose to be free ware, as intended
> by its author. As normal social etiquette would dictate the purpose for this is
> that if you are capable of creating some new code that enhances the software that
> was GIVEN to you, you would be expected to repay that kindness with an offering of
> your own. This is what I consider the spirit of the statements set forth by the
> creators of Circle MUD. Although Bill Gates didn't accumulate 36 billion dollars by
> sticking to the spirit of his agreements, just the letter.
>     For what it's worth.
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