Re: [ Ideas ] Maximum weight, [snip]

From: Price Hall (phall@DUFUS.CC.WESTGA.EDU)
Date: 09/25/97

> On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, John Evans wrote:
> > Anyway.... You started with this big bag that went 'over the shoulder'
> > and that was, for the most part, your inventory. When you got something
> > (get rock), you have to have an empty hand to do it. You had to do:
> > sheath sword
> > get rock
> > put rock bag
> > wield sword

I always ask myself, does this extra realism add to the game or not?
Secondly, I think about what all the tinyfugue/tintin users will do -
totally automate any mundane, but realistic, embellishment you create.  So
when you add something like a very realistic inventory, the macro-heads
will just automate it, and everybody else will be typing their fingers to
the bone just to pick something up.

However, I definitely do not care for the nebulous 'inventory' approach.
I'm making my mud's inventory such that it exists in a realistic fashion,
but doesn't stand in your way.  If you want something from your pack, and
you're wearing it, you'll take it off and so forth automatically.  This
allows for the realism of inventory actions taking time, and requiring you
to unwield, etc, without the typing hassle.


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