Re: transportation (was: Maximum weight,maximum objects player can carry)

From: - Pure Krome - (pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 09/25/97

Edward Glamkowski wrote:

> The gnome-flinger!! :D
> How about magical ballons?
> Ships, for crossing those oceans.


    My Turn.  What about tight rope walking? Like Assassins and thieves with graple
and hook ? Flying Carpets? Simple elevators (eg. Ropes with stones on one end, and a
foot hook on the other, like in Robin Hood the movie).

I know .. those big towers on wheels that scale walls ... SEIGE TOWERS! That's the
name. what else .. men with one hand as a chainsaw .. na .. that was in Evil Dead
III or something .. already taken ... But what about his medievil car ;) HEH!



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